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March Madness: For Some This Means Putting the NCAA over Country

By Dr. Pam Wojnar
Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network

As a former basketball player and coach, I enjoy watching game after game of basketball during March Madness. I roll my eyes at most of the comments made via social media by fans who think they could have coached or officiated a better game. Read the rest

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Why not the Gentleman Seahawks?

By Dr. Pam Wojnar Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network Growing up my parents often said to my sister and me, every lady is a woman, but every woman is not a lady. Over time, I understood what that meant; a woman is simply a female, while a lady is a woman who is well behaved or proper. When I started working in college athletics, my athletic director told me the women’s teams go by the Lady Seahawks. I asked if the men’s teams go by the Gentleman Seahawks? He thought I was being funny, but I explained all the teams play for the same school, so shouldn’t they all have the same mascot/nickname?
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