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Can NLRB Ruling and Heart of Title IX Co-Exist in Intercollegiate Sports?

By Dr. Steve Juaire Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network It seems meaningful that we spend some time reflecting on this past month’s ruling by the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) concerning the possible unionization of collegiate athletes, specifically, those who compete in football and men’s basketball. Not since 1905, when President Roosevelt summoned football coaches from Harvard, Princeton, and Yale to solve violent behavior, which essentially created the NCAA, has there been an action that could so radically change the governance of collegiate athletics, especially at the division one level. The ruling that we will be discussing may allow division one football and men’s basketball players, student/athletes, to have a say in the rules of their athletic experiences...
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Managing the Responsibility of Head Injuries

By Dr. Steve Juaire Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network Recent traumatic events, caused or significantly affected by concussions, should be a warning sign that all individuals involved in sport have a duty to recognize their roles in the prevention and care of athletes who train and compete under their guidance. This responsibility includes athletic administrators who are charged with creating a vision for their departments and hiring staffs to carry out that vision.
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Identify Queen Bees and Worker Bees for Fundraising Success

By Dr. Steve Juaire Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network As I both participate and observe fundraising efforts, one key component of success is frequently missing, that is, the identification and inclusion of individuals who can persuade nearly any community person to donate and spend, i.e. the Queen Bee.
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Your Administrative Game Plan

By Dr. Steve Juaire Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network We have all read accounts of coaches losing control of their teams. Often, this occurs during a heated confrontation in a game. Players lose control, make poor choices, and they and the team ultimately suffer consequences, sometimes very serious consequences.
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