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Emotional and Mental Well-Being: What is Real?

By Tiffany Reiss Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network Today we are going to dive heart and head first into concepts of emotional and mental well-being. If you have been reading my previous posts, then you have learned how all the dimensions of wellness interrelate and how the physical dimension is the most popular, mostly because it is the most quantifiable. Emotional and mental wellness? Not something many of us think about or focus on and actually can be difficult to quantify but remember, poor emotional or mental wellness can cause problems in the other dimensions, including the physical one. Why, because the mind and body are inextricably connected as are our emotional and mental reality.
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Health and Wellness: Where Can I Find It?

By Tiffany Reiss Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network We are about to dive head first into 2014 and in so doing, I wanted to address the idea of health and wellness; something many of us pursue, but how do we know when we have it? Given that Jan 1 of every new year is a time many of us make health and wellness oriented resolutions, I thought this an appropriate time to discuss these concepts.
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Why Exercise?

By Tiffany Reiss Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network Being an Exercise Physiologist, I am naturally an avid supporter of the role exercise plays in our overall health and wellbeing. I have always been active and I am still amazed at the complexity of the human body and the various ways in which it responds and adapts to regular physical activity or on the flip side, sedentary behavior. We have always known that exercise is good for us, but only more recently have we seen new research on the actual cellular mechanisms by which regular movement makes us a healthier human being. In addition to all of the "standard" knowledge regarding the importance of exercise, more recently we have discovered...
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Sleep and Your Health

By Tiffany Reiss Contributor, Sports &Fitness Network It really wasn't until the past decade or so we began to see more and more research on the impact of sleep quality on overall health. What's interesting about this is that sleep, it may turn out, is just as important as exercise and healthy eating for overall health and well-being but it's something that many of us still just don't connect with our health needs. So why is sleep so important? Well, it turns out lack of sleep is linked to some chronic health problems.
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Stress and Your Health

By Tiffany Reiss Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network We now better understand the role stress plays in overall health. Truth is, a little stress in our lives is good. It forces us to change and adapt to a more challenging environment or experience. Too much chronic stress however, is not good for our health.
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What Is Your Gut “Feeling”?

By Dr. Tiffany Reiss Sports & Fitness Network, Contributor Bacteria, bad stuff right? Well, not so fast. It turns out that our human bodies actually have more bacterial cells than human cells by a factor of 10 to 1. I mean we have bacteria crawling all over our skin, in every orifice and most importantly in our guts. In fact we have trillions of bacterial cells lining our gut walls, up to 5 pounds worth. Truth is, we couldn’t survive without them though. Only in recent years have we begun to truly understand the role gut bacteria plays in our overall health and it turns out, they play a substantial role.
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