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Coach, Mentor, Friend. How Lucky We Have Been…

By Dr. Tim Rice Contributor, Sports+Fitness Network Legendary NCAA basketball coach Don Meyer was truly an ambassador for the game. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer this week. He was a coach that focused on doing things right and in an excellent way. Coach Meyer made a difference in my life and career and hopefully I can be the same kind of influence in my own career that he has been.
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March Madness: For Some This Means Putting the NCAA over Country

By Dr. Pam Wojnar
Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network

As a former basketball player and coach, I enjoy watching game after game of basketball during March Madness. I roll my eyes at most of the comments made via social media by fans who think they could have coached or officiated a better game. Read the rest

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Teaching the Art of Getting Open

By Joe Rice Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network Did you know that 90% of playing “Invasion” sports is about playing without the ball? Sports such as basketball, hockey (both ice and field), soccer and lacrosse are known as “Invasion Games” where a team is defending a goal (their “territory”) and the winner is determined by how many goals are scored. Since scoring goals is determined by how well players get open, shouldn’t we be teaching players how to get open?
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