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The Mentality of the Max

By Aaron Mehl
Contributor, Sports+Fitness Network

Everyone has an opinion on how testing should be done in regards to their athletes. If you ask ten coaches how they test their athletes you could very well get ten different answers. Which method is the safest? Which method best relates to athletic performance? The answer may be much more complex than you think...

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If A Muscle Isn’t Seen in the Mirror… Does It Exist?

By Aaron Mehl Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network The posterior chain on most athletes (and most Americans) is severely underdeveloped. A strong posterior chain can not only make a person faster and more powerful, but most importantly, it can drastically reduce the chances of acquiring an injury.
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Teaching the Art of Getting Open

By Joe Rice Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network Did you know that 90% of playing “Invasion” sports is about playing without the ball? Sports such as basketball, hockey (both ice and field), soccer and lacrosse are known as “Invasion Games” where a team is defending a goal (their “territory”) and the winner is determined by how many goals are scored. Since scoring goals is determined by how well players get open, shouldn’t we be teaching players how to get open?
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Are Travel Baseball Teams the Answer?

By Dr. Bret Simmermacher Contributor, Sport and Fitness Network Parents spend thousands of dollars to make sure their son becomes a part of one of these teams. They travel near and far to watch them play, pay for uniform costs, pay for nights in hotels, in the hopes of obtaining a baseball scholarship to help with the cost of their education. So I have to ask the question, is all of this really necessary?
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The Playing Time Blame Game

By Dr. Bret Simmermacher, DSM Contributor, Sport and Fitness Network I can think of many reasons a coach may not play a player. Missing practice, struggling with academics, behavior issues, missing team functions frequently, unable to learn plays or concepts, and so on… Since when is it a right to be able to play just because you show up?
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