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The Mentality of the Max

By Aaron Mehl
Contributor, Sports+Fitness Network

Everyone has an opinion on how testing should be done in regards to their athletes. If you ask ten coaches how they test their athletes you could very well get ten different answers. Which method is the safest? Which method best relates to athletic performance? The answer may be much more complex than you think...

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Can NLRB Ruling and Heart of Title IX Co-Exist in Intercollegiate Sports?

By Dr. Steve Juaire Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network It seems meaningful that we spend some time reflecting on this past month’s ruling by the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) concerning the possible unionization of collegiate athletes, specifically, those who compete in football and men’s basketball. Not since 1905, when President Roosevelt summoned football coaches from Harvard, Princeton, and Yale to solve violent behavior, which essentially created the NCAA, has there been an action that could so radically change the governance of collegiate athletics, especially at the division one level. The ruling that we will be discussing may allow division one football and men’s basketball players, student/athletes, to have a say in the rules of their athletic experiences...
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If A Muscle Isn’t Seen in the Mirror… Does It Exist?

By Aaron Mehl Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network The posterior chain on most athletes (and most Americans) is severely underdeveloped. A strong posterior chain can not only make a person faster and more powerful, but most importantly, it can drastically reduce the chances of acquiring an injury.
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A Healthy Tension – Academics and Athletics on Campus

By Dr. Bob Epling Guest Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network Tension about the role of athletics on the college campus provides regular fodder for those interested in the scholarly study of intercollegiate sport. Hardly a semester goes by, and certainly not a calendar year, without another controversy or scandal creeping into the public eye.
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IMG World Congress of Sports Featured Session Arne Duncan, United States Secretary of Education

IMG World Congress of Sports Featured Session Arne Duncan, United States Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, the ninth United States Secretary of Education, will take part in a special session at the IMG World Congress of Sports. In addition to playing professional basketball in Australia, Duncan was co-captain of the Harvard University basketball team and was named First-Team Academic All-American. On March 19, Duncan will.....
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