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Stress and Your Health

By Tiffany Reiss Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network We now better understand the role stress plays in overall health. Truth is, a little stress in our lives is good. It forces us to change and adapt to a more challenging environment or experience. Too much chronic stress however, is not good for our health.
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Five Best Practices for Your Good Health

By JiJi Russell Sports & Fitness Network Contributor Learn five practices you can take on as a means to achieve better health. The "simple but not easy" practices of drinking water; walking daily; breathing deeply; sleeping well; and using dental floss and mouthwash after brushing your teeth will cost nothing but time and attention. Studies show each one can go a long way toward optimizing your health.
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Just Breathe…The Benefits of Deep Breathing

By JiJi Russell Sports & Fitness Network, Contributor As a long-time teacher and practicioner of yoga, I strongly advocate the practice of deep breathing. It's a practice, like many in the healing arts, that might be "simple" at its core -- it does not require any special equipment or location; it can be done by anyone anywhere, regardless of physical condition; it requires no financial comittment.
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