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Is Plantar Fasciitis Ailing You?

By Michele Monaco Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network Plantar Fasciitis is a chronic inflammatory condition that occurs overtime, yet can strongly hinder your activities of daily living. Sharp pain in the morning is a key symptom that the plantar fascia is aggravated. There are many biomechanical causes for this condition, any many predisposing factors. This ailment can be treated but it will take time and diligence on therapy compliance.
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Just Breathe…The Benefits of Deep Breathing

By JiJi Russell Sports & Fitness Network, Contributor As a long-time teacher and practicioner of yoga, I strongly advocate the practice of deep breathing. It's a practice, like many in the healing arts, that might be "simple" at its core -- it does not require any special equipment or location; it can be done by anyone anywhere, regardless of physical condition; it requires no financial comittment.
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