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Is Brazil Ready for the World Cup on June 12th, 2014?

By Spiro Doukas Contributor, Global Sport Management News The Athens 2004 Olympics, the 2012 Sochi Olympics, the 2010 South Africa World Cup, and now the 2014 Brazil World Cup have all had their fair share of criticism for delays and costs. However with the FIFA World Cup in Brazil being held from June 12 through July 13, 2014, there are still questions about how this tournament will transpire.
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Protecting the Games: Law Enforcement’s Olympic Legacy of Information Sharing

By Jon Gordon, Deputy Chief (Retired), Atlanta Police Department & Professor of Homeland Security, American Military University Coordinating the law enforcement and security responsibilities necessary to safeguard the Olympic Games is a task that takes years of preparation, thousands of people, and an international law enforcement effort. The task of protecting the Games is so enormous that regardless of which country hosts, there may be a lack of indigenous law enforcement expertise in place to secure such a massive international sporting event.
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Leading the Sochi Olympics: What Will Be the Lasting Legacy?

By Spiro Doukas, Ph.D., Global Sport Management News Section Editor, and Lisa Miller, Ph.D., Global Sport Management News Editor Sochi will be hosting the 2014 Winter Olympics in February, 2014. The past, present, and future of Russian sport leadership comes into focus as time progresses toward the mega sporting event. Russia experienced rapid growth for the past several years and even though the financial stability was respectable for the awarding of the Olympics, costs begin to exceed forecasts with the building or restructuring of stadiums and infrastructure associated with the Olympics. The forethought must be implemented appropriately about how to logistically host fans, athletes, coaches, and volunteers.
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The Other Russian Olympics

By William Tucker Guest Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network/Chief Correspondent for In Homeland Security Russia has dedicated a large number of security forces to ensure that the Olympics are conducted without serious incident – the disruption of a Caucasus Emirate plot in 2012 within Sochi boundaries surely provided some impetus to beef up security – however the fight between Moscow and the Caucasus militants is one that has played out long before, and will last far beyond, the 2014 Olympics.
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English Institute of Sport: Helping the High-Performance Athlete to Flourish

By Arabella Ashfield, Performance Lifestyle Advisor Guest Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network The elite level athlete is required to invest large amounts of time, energy, effort and commitment to be able to compete on the international stage. Yet, this dedication is not confined to the training schedule of the sport itself but stretches to the way the athlete lives their life. Preparation in the form of a healthy balanced lifestyle, appropriate nutrition and sleep are among the many elements which contribute to optimal performance. The successful world-class athlete creates the correct environment to enable him or herself to train, compete and maximise their potential.
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