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Supplements: Real or Farce?

By Kristin Ondrak, Ph.D.
Faculty Member, School of Health Sciences at American Public University

You don’t have to look far to see catchy advertisements for supplements that boast health benefits, protection from disease, relief from pain, or improvements in athletic performance. Americans spend over $25 billion annually on these products and the CDC reports that more than half of adults use dietary supplements regularly, so this marketing seems to be working! The challenge for consumers is to look beyond the hype and decipher which supplements, if any, are beneficial.

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3 Eating Disorders Every Personal Trainer Needs to Know

By John D. Moore, PhD
Guest Contributor, Sports+Fitness Network

Are you a personal trainer, athletic specialist or wellness coach? Do you work with clients who seem to struggle with body image issues? Do some of your clients have a severely distorted self-concept, causing you pause for concern about their psychological well-being? If you answered yes to these questions, the information contained is critical for you to know.

Here is why …

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Five-Minute Office Yoga

By JiJi Russell
Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network

Do you ever have a day when you find it difficult to un-glue your buttocks from your desk chair? And how does your body feel after such a day? ...Stiff? Achey? Tired? No wonder!

A little bit of movement throughout your day can help you ward off the aches and pains. Yoga is a wonderful do-anywhere activity that anyone can learn.


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Health and Wellness: Where Can I Find It?

By Tiffany Reiss Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network We are about to dive head first into 2014 and in so doing, I wanted to address the idea of health and wellness; something many of us pursue, but how do we know when we have it? Given that Jan 1 of every new year is a time many of us make health and wellness oriented resolutions, I thought this an appropriate time to discuss these concepts.
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