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Sabotaging Healthy Eating…Let Me Count the Ways!

By Kay Corriere, MS, RD, LD Guest Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network Faculty Member, Hospitality Management at American Public University Do you have great intentions to eat healthier, yet never see the results? The reason may be that you are sabotaging yourself by ignoring a few basic facts. Let’s examine the results of choices from two trendy fast casual restaurants. Both offer a healthier alternative, if you decide to choose it.
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Are You What You Eat? Does Nutrition Matter?

By Dr. Lauri Beyerly Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network We are surrounded by delicious foods. It smells great! It looks enticing. It tastes great! Ads and marketing campaigns make food appealing. It is hard to resist. But what should I eat? Can this affect my health? The answer is simple, “Yes, what you eat does affect you.” There are hints everywhere to show us that. For example….
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The Family Supper: One Little Meal, One Momentous Accomplishment

By JiJi Russell Sport & Fitness Network Contributor Creating nourishing meals every day, at the end of the day, can be challenging. After all, most of us have been working all day, many of us outside the home. Our modern schedules and demands can deplete our energy and enthusiasm for this important time of the day called “dinner” or “supper,” when many families come back together with great hopes and perhaps expectations of relaxation.
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