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Boston Marathon Bombing Resiliency Embodies Global Sport Leadership Values of Collective Strength

By Dr. Lisa M. Miller, Professor and Lead Editor, and Maria McManus, Contributing Positive Psychology Author, Guest Contributor On the morning of April 15, 2013, while athletes were powering to the end of a grueling 26-mile run, and their family and friends were gathered to celebrate their determination, two bombs exploded. What had been a thrilling scene of pride-filled joy, turned instantly into bloody, terrifying chaos. And while the pain and grief of the many losses, what happened next was truly remarkable. From the decisive action of first responders, volunteers and bystanders, to the coordinated efforts of agency leaders, to the collective defiance and support of the community as a whole, the phenomenon of “Boston Strong” emerged. For their report “Why Was Boston Strong?”, researchers at Harvard University interviewed the leaders responsible for the successful response to the bombing, including law enforcement, transportation, and medical organizations.
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