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Coach, Mentor, Friend. How Lucky We Have Been…

By Dr. Tim Rice Contributor, Sports+Fitness Network Legendary NCAA basketball coach Don Meyer was truly an ambassador for the game. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer this week. He was a coach that focused on doing things right and in an excellent way. Coach Meyer made a difference in my life and career and hopefully I can be the same kind of influence in my own career that he has been.
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Why not the Gentleman Seahawks?

By Dr. Pam Wojnar Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network Growing up my parents often said to my sister and me, every lady is a woman, but every woman is not a lady. Over time, I understood what that meant; a woman is simply a female, while a lady is a woman who is well behaved or proper. When I started working in college athletics, my athletic director told me the women’s teams go by the Lady Seahawks. I asked if the men’s teams go by the Gentleman Seahawks? He thought I was being funny, but I explained all the teams play for the same school, so shouldn’t they all have the same mascot/nickname?
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The Other Russian Olympics

By William Tucker Guest Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network/Chief Correspondent for In Homeland Security Russia has dedicated a large number of security forces to ensure that the Olympics are conducted without serious incident – the disruption of a Caucasus Emirate plot in 2012 within Sochi boundaries surely provided some impetus to beef up security – however the fight between Moscow and the Caucasus militants is one that has played out long before, and will last far beyond, the 2014 Olympics.
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Identify Queen Bees and Worker Bees for Fundraising Success

By Dr. Steve Juaire Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network As I both participate and observe fundraising efforts, one key component of success is frequently missing, that is, the identification and inclusion of individuals who can persuade nearly any community person to donate and spend, i.e. the Queen Bee.
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Professional Development and Networking for Sport Managers

By Brian Freeland Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network Whether you are a recent college graduate looking for your first job in the sports industry or someone who has been working in the sports industry for decades, professional development and networking can play a significant role in your ability to succeed.
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