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A Healthy Tension – Academics and Athletics on Campus

By Dr. Bob Epling Guest Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network Tension about the role of athletics on the college campus provides regular fodder for those interested in the scholarly study of intercollegiate sport. Hardly a semester goes by, and certainly not a calendar year, without another controversy or scandal creeping into the public eye.
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Your Administrative Game Plan

By Dr. Steve Juaire Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network We have all read accounts of coaches losing control of their teams. Often, this occurs during a heated confrontation in a game. Players lose control, make poor choices, and they and the team ultimately suffer consequences, sometimes very serious consequences.
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The Recruiting Trip: DOs and DON’Ts for the College Coach, a Parent’s Perspective

By Joe Rice Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network As the recruiting season has started for many college sports, thousands of prospective student-athletes are visiting campuses across the country. Here are some DO’s and DON’Ts for coaches to follow from a parent’s perspective.
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