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Coach, Mentor, Friend. How Lucky We Have Been…

By Dr. Tim Rice Contributor, Sports+Fitness Network Legendary NCAA basketball coach Don Meyer was truly an ambassador for the game. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer this week. He was a coach that focused on doing things right and in an excellent way. Coach Meyer made a difference in my life and career and hopefully I can be the same kind of influence in my own career that he has been.
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New Year’s Resolutions for Athletic Coaches

By Joe Rice Contributor, Sports & Fitness Network Many of us have created a few New Year's Resolution to improve ourselves personally. Usually these include something about losing weight or exercising more and will last for a few weeks (for me they lasted a few hours). However, we should also take a few moments and consider some ways to improve our coaching career. Here are a few ideas to help us become better coaches.
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Positive Team Culture Starts in the Locker Room

By Brian Freeland Contributor, Sports and Fitness Network Team chemistry can often trump talent and athleticism in sports. I have seen many talented teams fall short of their goals due to a poor team culture and lack of chemistry through my coaching and playing experiences. Teams can succeed more when teammates get along and respect one another on and off the court. This is why it is critical for coaches to emphasize the importance of team chemistry and exercise strategies that promote and build a positive team culture and atmosphere...... Building a positive team culture starts in the locker room.
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